Brown Bag Certified Business Spotlight

 Glory Market 
472 Elmwood Ave
Buffalo NY 14222
Meet Glory!
I was born and raised in Ghana West Africa and moved to New York City at the age of 10. My entrepreneurial passions combined with my love for my African culture influenced the birth of Glory Market. I enjoy cooking, traveling and spending time with those I love most. 
Glory market is my realization to establish my own business while creating an avenue for the African culture to be experienced by Buffalo and nearby communities. 
What have I learned as a business owner? 
- The heights that GREAT men and woman have reached was NOT achieved overnight. Moral: one step at a time. 
- My greatest joy is putting a smile on peoples face. Moral: People are fighting for their lives each day. Be kind. 
- Loyalty is the hardest quality to find in people as a leader. Moral: pray for such people.