Saturday Night Buffalo Media Company Simultaneously Announces Partnership With Eventbrite For It’s New 140+ Event Series: The Concert Circuit Fan Bus Tours


Saturday Night Buffalo Media Company Simultaneously Announces Partnership With Eventbrite For It’s New 140+ Event Series:


The Concert Circuit Fan Bus Tour Partners With Local Live Artists & Musicians To Launch A Collaborative Fundraising Initiative Entitled “Dance Discovery”, To Expand Their Popular 1000 Mile Tour Footprint.

Saturday Night Buffalo Media Company, a leading multimedia and event company based out of Buffalo NY & Atlanta GA, is excited to unveil its latest collaboration with Eventbrite for the launch of The Concert Circuit Fan Bus Tours. This innovative pre concert party bus tour promises a unique and immersive experience for music enthusiasts across 4 states and 8 cities.

You may be familiar with Saturday Night Buffalo Media Company from previous years, notably in 2023 when they collaborated with N8tive Hypemart and Buffalo's own Benny The Butcher for the successful Butcher Boxing Fest. Now, with the addition of another prominent partner, Saturday Night Buffalo aims to extend its influence beyond Buffalo, making a significant impact in broader markets.

Scheduled to kick off in Buffalo NY, The Concert Circuit Fan Bus Tours will offer fans an unprecedented opportunity to engage with other fans before their highly anticipated shows in iconic cities such as NYC, ATL, Nashville, Cleveland, Buffalo, Albany, Rochester, and Syracuse.

Attendees can look forward to a plethora of activities including games, exclusive memorabilia, official artist merchandise, professional photoshoots, a food tasting and much more, making this tour a must-attend event for music lovers of all ages.

"We are thrilled to partner with Eventbrite for this exciting venture," said Teleah Wardlaw, CEO & Executive Producer of Saturday Night Buffalo Media Company. "The Concert Circuit Fan Bus Tours aim to redefine the concert experience, providing fans with unforgettable moments and connections with their favorite artists in a unique setting."

During the curation of their new product, SNB Media struck a collaboration with a talented local team of artists and live musicians, led by esteemed artist Mark Lee, for their second 1000-mile Tour. This partnership signifies a commitment to showcasing and supporting local talent, further expanding their reach into new territories and highlighting the burgeoning entertainment industry emanating from Buffalo.

"We are delighted to join forces with the exceptional team of artists and musicians led by Mark Lee," stated Shantelle Patton, Chief Financial Officer at Saturday Night Buffalo Media Company. "Our shared goal is to amplify their presence and talents within our new footprint, bringing increased visibility to the diverse and vibrant entertainment scene emerging from Buffalo."

In a strategic move to secure resources for business ventures and initiatives, Saturday Night Buffalo Media Company in collaboration with the 1000 Mile Tour, has organized a fundraising event titled Dance Discovery Social. This innovative event offers a pop-up 3-hour childcare service coupled with engaging kids' activities and a lively dance party. The aim is not only to bolster job opportunities for both sets of teams and staff but also to revolutionize the perception of entertainment in Buffalo, starting with the younger generation.

By fostering partnerships with local creatives, supporting fundraising events, and prioritizing youth engagement, Saturday Night Buffalo Media Company is dedicated to reshaping the entertainment landscape in Buffalo while championing local talent and community growth. The proceeds from the fundraising events will be evenly split between SNB Media and The 1000 Mile Tour to supplement their respective project funding. The 1000 Mile Tour will bear all expenses for selected participants, artists, musicians, and essential staff. SNB Media's share of the profits will be allocated towards travel, training, staffing, and launch costs.

Tickets for The Concert Circuit Fan Bus Tours are rolling out for purchase on Eventbrite's platform, offering fans a seamless booking experience for this one-of-a-kind event.

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